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As we’re all so reliant on our feet, it’s incredibly important to ensure they’re working as well as possible. Performing simple foot exercises on a regular basis is an excellent way to improve your foot function.

The benefits are threefold: foot exercises relax your hard-working feet, improve their flexibility, and increase their strength. Essentially, you’re training your feet to support your body more effectively.

What’s more, exercising your feet will help you to avoid foot fatigue and stiffness linked to ageing.

Exercise gently and often – you’ll soon be enjoying the results.

Getting Ready for Foot Exercises

The following foot exercises can easily be performed at home. You could also try them before working out in the gym, playing sports or jogging, as they’ll help to prepare your feet for intensive activity.

As shoes and socks restrict your movement to some extent, you’ll be most comfortable doing foot exercises barefoot. You might want to have a wall or sturdy item of furniture within easy reach to help you balance. A watch with a second hand is helpful too.

Remember that foot exercises should never cause discomfort or pain. If you experience any problems, stop the exercises and consult your GP or foot specialist. You should also seek professional advice before undertaking foot exercises if you have a health issue (for example, diabetes) that affects your feet and/or limits your ability to exercise.

Warming Up Your Muscles

As with any workout, it’s important to begin by warming up your muscles. A good way to prepare your foot muscles for exercise is to sit in a chair, raise your foot so it’s no longer on the floor and circle it 15 times clockwise and then the same number of times anti-clockwise.

Making Your Feet Fitter

The following foot exercises can help you to create an effective, enjoyable foot workout.

For Toes

Go from curling your toes tightly for several seconds to straightening, lifting and opening them out for several more seconds. Repeat that a few times.

Toes respond well to being taught to pick up small objects. Place a marble or chunky pen, for instance, on the floor. Try to grab and lift the object with your toes.

For Soles

Stand up and put one foot behind you. Raising the heel of that foot until only your toes are touching the floor will create a pleasant stretching feeling. Hold that position for 30 seconds.

Grip the floor several times with the pads of your toes to stimulate your foot’s arch.

For Heels

Sit in a chair and rest the outside edge of one foot on the opposite thigh. Hold your toes and gently push them backwards a little until you feel a stretching sensation along the bottom of your foot.

The exercise reduces tightness in the tissues and muscles. It’s great for relieving sore heels.

For Ankles

You can make your ankles more flexible by transferring your weight onto the outside edge of your foot and then the inside edge, with a rocking motion. Rock like that a few times.

Specialist Care and Advice for Fitter Feet

The exercises above can benefit people in most walks of life. There are also more advanced foot exercises for runners and other sportspeople.

For tailored advice about the best foot exercises for your needs, visit one of our experienced London podiatrists. During your foot health consultation, we’ll thoroughly examine your feet, answer your questions and offer plenty of guidance.

For fitter, healthier feet, you can rely on Feet By Pody in London. Simply call us today on 0207 099 6657 or book an appointment online.