How to Get Your Feet Ready for Summer


Summer footcare

At this time of year, you’re probably ready for a bit of sunshine and summer fun. But after months of wearing thick socks and shoes your feet may not be summer-ready, and putting them on show can be a daunting thought.

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How to Check If You Have Abnormal Pronation


Abnormal pronation

‘Pronation’ is an obscure word, but it actually refers to something your feet do every time you walk or run. When each foot strikes the ground, the arch (the curved area most visible on the inner side of the foot) flattens out a little to absorb shock and help you to keep your balance. As a result, the foot rolls inwards slightly – the movement podiatrists call pronation.

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The 5 Major Causes of Itchy Feet


Causes of Itchy Feet

It’s often said that itchy feet are a sign you’ll soon be going on a journey. That’s an appealing idea, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. The likelihood is that persistent itchiness is caused by a foot problem, and it could stop you in your tracks if it’s not dealt with effectively.

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How to Find the Best Pair of Running Shoes


Running Shoes

Spring is just around the corner (it officially begins on 20 March), and the mild weather will undoubtedly encourage many people to head outside for a run, boosting their physical and mental wellbeing. Running has clear health benefits, not least for your feet. Run often and they’re likely to become stronger and suppler, as well as develop better circulation.

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Foot Health Today


Foot health

Your feet are incredibly hard working and support your whole body, so it’s no wonder that they can sometimes feel sorry for themselves.

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Foot Care for Amateur and Professional Dancers


Foot care advice for dancers

As well as being great fun and hugely rewarding, dancing has significant health benefits, not least for your lower limbs. Dance regularly and you’re likely to find that your muscle tone, strength, suppleness, gait speed (i.e. the time it takes you to walk a specific distance), balance and coordination all improve. No wonder dancing has the feel-good factor!

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Overcome the Pain of Metatarsalgia with the Help of Orthotics


Metatarsalgia pain

If you’re experiencing pain in the ball of your foot, you could well be suffering from metatarsalgia. As its name suggests, this common – and frustrating – foot problem affects the metatarsal phalangeal joints (the ball of the foot). It can cause pain in any part of this area, including the joints, capsules, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and even the skin. It’s most likely to occur in the middle of the ball of your foot or near the bottom of your big toe.

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5 New Years Resolutions to Boost Your Foot Health


Foot Health in 2018

The first month of a brand new year is the ideal time to make a fresh start. For many people, that means making positive lifestyle changes. Your feet are your body’s foundations, so if you’re determined to develop healthy habits in 2018, it makes sense to start with them.

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Foot Care for the Christmas Party Season


Christmas foot care advice

Whether there’s an office Christmas party or get-together with friends and family on the horizon, you’re probably looking forward to letting your hair down over the next few weeks. The party season is full of fun, but while you’re throwing funky shapes on the dance floor, do spare a thought for your feet, as December and January can be a testing time for them.

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5 Signs of Toenail Problems and What They Mean


Toenail Problems

Can you remember the last time you had a good look at your toenails? In comparison to fingernails, which are on display most of the time, toenails are all too easily overlooked.

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