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I have been receiving regular care and maintenance chiropody from Nicolas for the last three years and am very happy indeed with the care that Nicolas has provided for my feet. 
He is very thorough and professional, my feet are in good shape and I would highly recommend him”


Managing Director , Morgan Stanley

My name is Valerie – I am living in London and I am 45 years old.
I started to be affected by Papilloma virus (the virus which is responsible for verrucas) in February 2010. 
Following the advice from my GP I started to treat it by using a local treatment plus one treatment of cryotherapy once a month.
The treatment wasnt effective as in a few months the verrucas had started to spread on both my feet. 
By June the situation had become very serious as the verrucas had multiplied in number and the treatment that I was receiving from my GP didnt work.
I started desperately to go from different podiatrist and hospitals between Spain and Italy in which I was given the cryotherapy in both my feet but without any results as the verrucas were still there growing again and again.
After ten months the situation was very serious; the verrucas were still there and walking properly was difficult and painful.
I was desperate thinking that I could never get the rid of this virus ever again……..
Then in December after seeing an advertisement on the Internet I started to go to Feet by Pody under the care of Nicolas . 
He started to treat my verrucas with a very deep cryotherapy, different that the one that I used to have before.
It has been painful, I have to admit it, but in a few months I’ve finally started to see some improvement. The verrucas started to disappear little by little and by the end of May, after more than a year I finally could see my feet healthy again and walking freely like before.
I could never thank Nicolas and his new treatment enough for helping me to get back to my normal life again. 
Thank you Nicolas!


I had my unsightly, painful toenail removed by Nicolas in a quick and painless procedure. My toe healed very quickly due to the excellent aftercare I received. The dressings recommended by Nicolas were fantastic and I was given easy to follow instructions on how to care for my toe. 
Nicolas has also made me insoles to help prevent my painful bunions from worsening. The insoles were made quickly, and are easy to put in any of my shoes. I cannot feel them at all when I walk and have had a lot less pain since wearing them,


I had verrucas for almost 15 years, had tried pretty much every method for removing them and no success at all. By the time I came to see Nicolas I had more than a dozen, some of them very big. After going for just one session of dry needling they started to disappear. Within about eight weeks they had completely gone. Considering Id been trying to get rid of them using every method available, including operated on, this was pretty amazing

Thomas E-D