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Chiropody is the practice of general foot care – think of it as a thorough, attentive MOT for your feet, refreshing and revitalising what is typically the most neglected part of your body.

At Feet By Pody, our highly trained and qualified chiropodists and podiatrists provide first-class chiropody services, from routine foot care through to more specialised chiropody treatments.

What to expect at your first appointment

Your first appointment will involve an extensive foot health assessment, along with a full review of your medical history, allergies, medication, and details of any previous chiropody treatments.

We begin by examining your feet and lower limbs, looking closely at the skin, nails and alignment. All patients have a vascular assessment using Doppler to check blood flow and see if you suffer from poor circulation. We’ll also ask whether you have any specific concerns you’d like addressed.

If necessary, we gently file away any hard skin or corns, and trim and file your toenails. If you require a specialist chiropody treatment we can usually begin this at your first appointment, with your consent, and we’ll arrange follow-up appointments if necessary. Then we’ll send you away with a treatment plan, along with some useful advice for keeping your feet in optimal condition.

Because everybody who attends our clinics has slightly different needs, we assess each patient on an individual basis, so your treatment may vary slightly depending on your requirements.

first chiropody appointment
Chiropody Treatments at Feet By Pody in London

Chiropody Treatments

At Feet By Pody, we use chiropody treatments for a range of common foot problems, including:

  • Corns and calluses
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Dry, cracked heels
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Fungal nail infections
  • Verrucae.

Our Chiropody treatments are designed to tackle and eliminate foot problems, but you don’t need a foot complaint to benefit from a chiropody appointment. Much like a visit to an optician or dentist, a chiropodist can spot potential problems before they become serious and we help prevent the onset of foot ailments, making us an essential element of your general healthcare regime.

Chiropody treatment is ideal for those who cannot look after the health of their own feet, such as the elderly or children, while people with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis will benefit from regular visits. Even if you don’t suffer from a particular foot problem, we recommend you visit us twice a year and we’ll do our best to ensure you leave with healthy feet and a spring in your step.

Why Choose Feet By Pody?

At Feet By Pody, we understand some people may be embarrassed by their foot problems, so we treat all our patients with courtesy and respect, offering an empathetic yet professional service. We explain our treatments in clear, simple terms, and do our best to answer your queries and put you at ease.

We operate from five modern, well-equipped clinics in London, where we use the latest stringent sterilization procedures to ensure you receive the most hygienic foot care possible.

You can visit Feet By Pody at any of our clinics:

• Canary Wharf E14.
• City EC2
• Woolwich Royal Arsenal SE18
• London Bridge SE1
• South Kensington SW7

If you’re suffering from pain in your feet or lower limbs, or simply want a general check-up to ensure your feet remain in the best possible health, book a podiatry treatment with Feet By Pody today.

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Feet By Pody in London

“I would like to pass on my thanks to all the staff, and especially to Nicolas Ivanoff, for the care and attention my son received during his appointment. Very professional and reasonable prices. I highly recommend it to anyone!”

Leonardo Barcellos

“Had yet another brilliant visit to Feet by Pody. Went in – hobbling more like – due to sore feet corns, bunions, rough heels, the works – walked out – everything brilliant!! And no pain!!!! These people are miracle workers.”

Jenni Masding