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Cryotherapy is one of the treatments available to treat a Verruca. Cryotherapy is a controlled destruction of the tissues using very low temperatures, i.e. freezing of the skin. Ice is formed inside and outside the cells, disrupting the cell where the virus is living. The aim is to freeze as quickly as possible so that the cells have no time to defend themselves. Ideally,the treatment ruptures the cells and releases the virus into the blood stream. The body’s immune system is then thought to fight off the skin infection.

What will happen during the Treatment?

  1. Skin preparation: removing all calluses, dead skin surrounding the verruca.
  2. Freezing:  The freezing can start and. It is usually last few minutes with cycles of application/rest.
  3. Dressing: We most of the time cover the area with a small plaster to keep for the first day.
Cryotherapy Verruca Treatment

Will it be Painful Afterwards?

A blister usually develops 24 – 48 hours after the initial freezing treatment. If there is too much discomfort you are advised to take an over-the-counter painkiller. The lesion may also bleed under the skin so forming a blood blister. This may look alarming but ideally, the skin needs to blister to help eradicate the verruca. If you are experiencing any concern before the time of your next appointment, you can call us and we will a review of your progress.

Dressings and Follow Up

We do not recommend any specific dressing in between session, unless you podiatrist instruct some additional treatment. However, you might find more comfortable to apply a plaster on the verruca to protect it . Do as you prefer.

Some Verrucas are very resistants and may require several freezing sessions, We cannot advise you on how many session you might need.  We like to see our patients every 2 weeks while under our care.