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Poor circulation in the feet can be a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle or an underlying health issue, so it’s definitely not something to ignore. Many people will experience a ‘pins and needles’ feeling in their toes or feet if they’ve been sat or sleeping in an awkward position for too long. However, if you notice such symptoms on a more regular basis, it might be time to get a checkup with one of our podiatrists who routinely check blood circulation as part of our service.

Causes of Poor Circulation

If you suffer from diabetes, the damage to your blood vessels puts you at higher risk of experiencing poor blood circulation, so you should ensure you attend regular appointments with a podiatrist. If you’ve recently been diagnosed, arrange your first diabetic foot assessment at one of our London clinics.

Other conditions and lifestyle choices that increase your chances of experiencing poor circulation are Peripheral Artery Disease, a condition that restricts blood flow to and from the heart, obesity and being a heavy smoker.

Here are some symptoms to look out for, and ways to reduce the chance of poor blood circulation having a negative impact on you and your body.

Symptoms of Poor Circulation

  • Your feet feeling cold, even if the rest of you is warm
  • Numbness, tingling and ‘pins and needles’
  • Extreme dry skin, including cracked heels, even if you drink plenty of water
  • Swelling and water retention in the toes, feet and ankles.

These days it’s common to have a fairly sedentary lifestyle, and being sat behind the wheel of a car or behind a desk for long periods can have a negative impact on blood circulation. However, there are some easy steps you can take to boost your circulation and help your feet feel better.

How to Boost Your Circulation

  • Get more active: gentle aerobic exercise such as marching on the spot and swimming can greatly boost your circulation and get your blood pumping.
  • Have a ‘spa day’: treat yourself to a warm foot bath and use a brush or pumice stone to smooth away dry skin, which will increase circulation. Once dried off, give yourself a two-minute massage to rub in some foot cream and keep your feet elevated for a period, to boost the blood flow right down to your toes.
  • Quit bad habits: stopping smoking and losing weight if you’re obese will have a huge impact on your overall health, including improving the health of your heart and subsequent blood flow problems.
  • Change your diet: there are a range of foods that improve circulation, including oily fish such as herring, which is high in Omega 3 fats, and spicy food containing ginger and garlic.

If you notice you are experiencing any of these systems on a regular basis, seek medical advice from your GP who may refer you to a chiropodist, or make an appointment with one of our expert podiatrists here at Feet By Pody. Even if you don’t have any underlying health issues, we recommend you make regular appointments to see us, just as you would a dentist, to prevent any foot health issues from occurring. Contact us to book your appointment in one of our London clinics and start your journey to having healthier feet, today.