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Everyone knows podiatrists deal with things like corns and bunions, but you may not realise their expertise goes a lot further.  

April is Foot Health Month so there’s no better time to discover just what your podiatrist can do for you – and, it goes a lot further than your feet! 

Podiatrists are specialists in all conditions relating to the lower extremities, which is handy as everything is, of course, connected. Painful feet affect the way you stand and walk, and this can easily lead to problems for your ankles, legs and hips, so it’s worth knowing that your podiatrist can help with all issues relating to these areas.

Common Issues Can Lead to Major Problems

Verrucae, ingrown toenails, athletes foot, calluses and cracked skin; these are just some common conditions from a long list.

However, with your entire body supported by your feet, seemingly minor problems can lead to major issues. Hip, back, knee or ankle pain can all originate in the feet. For example, corns are the result of undue friction or pressure. This stems from poor posture, badly fitting shoes, problems with gait, or unresolved issues relating to injuries.

Happily, your podiatrist can help in all sorts of ways.

Biomechanical Assessment

Your podiatrist will assess the way you walk (your gait), how you stand and move generally. They won’t just be looking at your feet. Your lower limbs are considered as a whole, as they work together as a unit, so your knees, legs and pelvis are all part of the assessment.

They may also use a foot scanner. This shows exactly where pressure is being applied to the soles of your feet, and imbalances can indicate a wide range of issues. Seemingly minor concerns such as warts or bunions are enough to make walking really painful. Chances are you’ll automatically adjust your gait to compensate, but this will throw your hips and back out of alignment.

Inevitably, this leads to muscle and joint problems. Many people with lower back pain are surprised to discover their problems started with a foot complaint!

Injuries and Accidents

Keeping active is essential, but many people don’t go about it the right way. Over-enthusiasm often leads to injury, as a remarkable number of people take up a new activity without learning how to do it properly.

The wrong footwear is often to blame, and even walking can be hazardous if your shoes don’t fit properly, as friction leads to painful blisters and calluses. Fortunately, your podiatrist can provide advice on the correct footwear that’ll keep your exercise regime pain free.

Of course, it isn’t just about sporting injuries. Anyone can sustain an injury to the lower limbs. A podiatrist can help with treatment and rehabilitation to put you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.  

Medical Conditions

Podiatrists play a vital role in detecting and managing serious conditions, which may first manifest in the feet. With so many joints in the foot, this is often where arthritis initially takes hold.

Diabetes is also a problem here, as it can cause nerve damage in the feet leading to numbness and sores on the lower extremities. In both cases, the specialised knowledge of your podiatrist will enable them to make a swift diagnosis.

Your Podiatrist Is a Specialist

Regular check-ups at Feet By Pody will keep your feet in great condition and play a significant part in maintaining your good health overall.

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