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Summer has arrived and that means one thing: it’s flip-flop season. When the sun is shining, no footwear can compare to the freedom of a pair of loose flip-flops, especially when you can feel the sand and sea between your toes.

But as tempting as it is to spend all summer in flip-flops, excessive wear can not only cause discomfort but can lead to foot or ankle injuries.

Follow our summer flip-flop safety rules and your feet will thank you in the autumn!

  1. Have Your Flip-Flops Fitted for Size

It’s all too easy picking up the cheapest pair of flip-flops at the beach store, but this is a foolproof way to invite injuries.

Like all forms of footwear, flip-flops need to be fitted for size. For starters, make sure you’re choosing the correct size, and consider investing in a professional fitting session.

Not all flip-flops are equal, and different styles are made to fit different shapes of feet. Get the fit right, and you’ll be set for summer.

  1. Flip-Flops Are Best for Short Distances

Flip-flops just don’t offer the support your feet need for long-distance walks. Wearing flip-flops, you have little ankle or arch support, and that means it’s all too easy to twist, sprain or strain your ankles when you’re out walking for an extended period of time.

Over longer distances, flip-flops can cause your feet to rub and chaff, to become inflamed and to generally just feel uncomfortable. Give your feet a rest and make sure you wear proper shoes for walking, hiking and definitely for running. Ideally, flip-flops should only be worn to the beach, swimming pool and when you’re just lounging around.

  1. Try Wearing Sandals and Slides

Flip-flops are classic summer attire, but there are other types of footwear that offer a comparable level of freedom but are far more supportive.

If you’re going to be walking further than from the car to the beach, open-toed shoes or sandals are a fantastic choice. Pick a pair with heel support, and you’ll be able to walk comfortably all day.

If you want a looser fitting style of footwear, then slides are an excellent option too. Slides provide more support for the balls of your feet, while stopping your toes from chaffing.

  1. Don’t Forget the Sun Cream!

For most of the year, our feet are snuggled up inside socks and laced up in shoes when we are outside. When the sun is shining, it’s all too easy to forget that our feet just aren’t used to the UV.

Burns increase in frequency during summer, and our feet are just as susceptible as the rest of our bodies. If you’re walking around in flip-flops or just sunning yourself at the beach, don’t forget your sun cream!

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Excessive use of flip-flops can lead to uncomfortable foot problems over the course of the summer. If you’re suffering from flip-flop ailments, then the experts at Feet By Pody are on hand with the advice and support your feet deserve.

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