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Wearing the wrong shoes makes your feet hurt. This may be obvious, but it’s too easy to get carried away when we spot something tasty in the shoe shop. Big mistake. Your entire body rests on your feet, so the issues can go a lot further than blisters or corns. Poor posture, back and hip pain, and arthritis are just some of the conditions caused by dodgy footwear  

Bare Feet, Happy Feet

Human beings have always had feet, but back in the day, they didn’t always have shoes.

When you’re barefoot and upright, your feet naturally settle in a wide and splayed manner.  This keeps you steady and well balanced.

Back in the mists of time we all tended to be barefoot. This ensured the muscles and ligaments of the feet, toes and ankles were able to work as naturally and efficiently as possible. Consequently, muscles were strong and healthy and well able to provide the right support to absorb the impact of movement.

Most Shoes Aren’t Actually Designed for Human Feet

Generally, modern shoes aren’t quite the same size and shape as the human foot. Indeed, they often incorporate features that are completely the opposite of what’s really needed.

This prevents the feet from working as they were designed to and inevitably creates all sorts of problems, even if your shoes initially feel very comfy.

Short Term Problems

Shoes are often too narrow and this applies whatever the shoe – smart or casual, ladies or gents. This leads to all sorts of painful and debilitating conditions, as the shoe rubs in all the wrong places.

The opposite also applies. If shoes are too loose, your feet slide about and pressure will be applied exactly where you don’t need it. The result is corns, bunions, blisters and ingrown toenails, to name but a few.

Incorrect arch support is also something to look out for. Too little or too much will affect your centre of gravity, and this encourages you to slouch in an attempt to balance everything out again.

Watch Out for the Heels   

High heels are one of the biggest culprits; they force all the weight of the body and the impact of walking onto the forefoot when it should be evenly distributed throughout the surface of the foot.

And, it isn’t just about your favourite party shoes. Even casual footwear can have an elevated heel. Any kind of heal will push the weight to the front of your foot. In effect, this shortens the calf and restricts ankle movement, and that really isn’t good.

Long Term Consequences

All of these issues can have painful, long-term effects. If your feet aren’t properly supported and cushioned in their natural position you’ll unconsciously adjust your gait to compensate. This affects your posture and leads to all sorts of hip, back or neck problems.

Inadequate foot support also damages joints and ligaments, as additional pressure is forced onto knees and toes, which then struggle to cushion and steady the feet. This is how conditions like arthritis occur, as there are so many joints in the toes, feet and ankles.

Not Sure What’s Best For You?

The shops are full of temptation and it’s hard to know where to start. Our friendly team of podiatrists are here to help, so don’t wait until that nagging blister or backache becomes too much to bear.

Contact Feet By Pody today or book online and find out how to keep your feet, and the rest of you, comfy and healthy.