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Our feet take a constant pounding and they’re essential for mobility, yet we often overlook their maintenance. A quick splash in the shower may be the best they can hope for!

Don’t wait until you have problems. Here are some quick and easy measures to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Wash Them Properly

Sweat, dirt and dead skin accumulate daily, and if you add socks or tights you’ve got a lovely moist environment for germs to breed. Avoid this by washing your feet twice a day with mild soap and ensure the water isn’t too hot. Dry them careful – this means between the toes as well.

A little foot deodorant won’t go amiss – a quick spray keeps the germs away and your feet nice and fresh. Don’t forget the sun cream in hot weather – your feet will burn just like the rest of you if they aren’t covered.

Wear the Right Shoes and Socks

Poorly fitting shoes will pinch and rub in all the wrong places. This leads to many painful problems, so always get your feet measured when buying a new pair. It’s vital your shoes comfortably support your feet and ankles. Check with your podiatrist if you’re not sure what’s right for you.

Wear clean socks every day and use a pair that wicks the moisture away from your skin to keep it fresh and dry.

Exfoliate and Moisturise

Daily wear and tear make skin hard and rough. This encourages corns and calluses to form and if the skin cracks infection can set in.

Use a foot file or pumice once or twice a week to remove dry and dead skin. Finish off with foot moisturiser (daily) to keep your feet nice and smooth but ensure you don’t get this between the toes.

Cut Your Toenails Properly

This keeps them clean and prevents nasty conditions like ingrown toenails. Use toenail clippers to cut straight across and then carefully smooth the edges with a nail file. Don’t be tempted to round the edges off when cutting. This leaves sharp ends which can grow into the skin (ingrown toenails).

Indulge in a Spot of Pampering

We often forget to pamper our feet. Soaking them in a footbath with some foot-soaking lotion is wonderfully relaxing and helps to keep them in good shape.

Many clinics and spas offer foot massages that stimulate circulation and are amazingly refreshing for your general wellbeing as well as helping to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Move About More

A good walk is one of the best ways to keep your feet and the rest of you in good shape. It improves blood flow, strengthens muscles and joints and keeps issues like enlarged veins, thrombosis and heart conditions at bay.

Diabetes and Blood Sugar

Diabetes sufferers are particularly susceptible to foot problems. The condition raises blood sugar levels, which causes a loss of sensation in the feet. Problems may not be apparent until they become dangerous, so regular checks are always advisable.

Check Your Feet Regularly

Even if you don’t have a specific condition, it’s still wise to check your feet regularly. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

If anything causes you concern, please don’t ignore it. Your podiatrist is happy to help at any time, even if you’re uncertain.

Peace of Mind at Feet By Pody

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