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There can be few problems in life that are more frustrating than experiencing pain and discomfort when on the move. The NHS suggests that each person should aim to walk 10,000 steps per day in order to become fitter and healthier. Staying active is crucial to your wellbeing. If every step hurts, your ability to live life to the full will be severely impaired.

Your feet are responsible for keeping you moving while supporting the rest of your body. That’s why it’s so important to tackle the pain caused by problems with your gait (that is, your style of walking). Gait abnormalities aren’t just associated with foot pain; they can also lead to a catalogue of problems elsewhere, such as knee, hip and lower back pain.

Everyone Can Benefit from Gait Analysis

The purpose of gait analysis is to assess your gait cycle (the movements your lower limbs make from the point your foot strikes the floor to the point it touches the floor again) and identify any irregularities so they can be corrected with a tailor-made treatment plan.

There are three groups of people most likely to be in urgent need of gait analysis and treatment. They include individuals with poor posture, physical ailments or injuries; athletes (especially runners) who are keen to improve their performance or overcome sports-related injuries; and children with problems such as flat feet or knock knees.

Even if you’re not currently experiencing difficulties, identifying issues with your walking style now can prevent pain in the future. Everyone’s gait is different; everyone’s gait is imperfect. That means everyone can benefit from gait analysis by a podiatrist.

Powerful Technology for Accurate Diagnosis

Gait analysis involves more than watching a patient walk. It’s an in-depth biomechanical assessment that employs state-of-the-art technology, such as pressure platforms. As Podiatry Today points out, this powerful hardware and software helps podiatrists to detect and treat gait problems more effectively than if they relied on the naked eye alone.

Our clients can take advantage of video-based gait analysis plus the cutting-edge pressure analysis system called GaitScan™. Computer-generated images showing the distribution of pressure across the soles of your feet assist us in diagnosing and correcting problems.

Gait analysis will reveal if you apply too much or too little pressure to specific areas when walking. Your feet may be pronated (excessive pressure is exerted on the inside edge of each foot) or supinated (excessive pressure is exerted on the outside edge). You’ll find out whether your feet and ankles are misaligned, as well as whether the sides of your body move asymmetrically.

Correcting Gait Problems

The results of your gait analysis will help us to improve your foot function and alleviate pain.

Custom-made foot supports, called orthotics, play a vital role in this process. Specially moulded to suit the unique shape of each foot, a set of orthotics relieves pressure, provides support, protects vulnerable areas and also aligns the feet and ankles correctly.

Orthotics normally fit into many different shoes; alternatively, you can request specific orthotics for specific shoes. You might want some made just for running, for instance.

Expert Gait Analysis in London

The gait analysis and other podiatry services offered at our London clinics have the potential to be life-changing. Thanks to years of experience and a patient-focused approach, we can help you to move more freely, making pain a thing of the past when you’re on the go.

For expert gait analysis and treatment from a London foot specialist, please call us on 0207 099 6657 or book an appointment online.