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Keeping your feet healthy is an essential part of your overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, this may be hampered by the many strange foot health myths lurking on the internet posing as facts.

Here are a few of the weird (and dangerous) bits of misinformation that lie in wait.

Corns Are Treated by Removing the Root

Good luck finding the root because corns don’t have one! They are simply areas of hard skin that build up due to constant friction or pressure on the toes.

Poorly fitting shoes are generally to blame but bad posture or gait can have the same effect. A podiatrist helps with cushioning pads or insoles to alleviate the pressure and advise on the correct footwear.

They can also surgically remove a corn with a scalpel – something you should never attempt yourself. Rubbing it down with pumice stone (as often suggested online) is also unwise. It’s painful and can lead to infection if not done correctly.

You Can’t Treat a Broken Toe

This persistent myth is one to avoid. If you let a break heal on its own, the toe is likely to end up deformed and further pain and problems are sure to follow.

A doctor will realign and support toes as they heal by inserting a pin or strapping them up to hold everything in place. Your podiatrist can help your recovery with advice about medication, footwear and exercise.

If You Can Still Walk Just Carry On

The idea that nothing is broken if you can still walk is a common misconception. Pain isn’t always an indicator of severity. Some people have a high pain threshold and have no difficulty walking on an injured foot.

That’s not a good way to manage your health. Always have your feet checked by a professional in the event of any kind of trauma, however mild it seems.

A Verruca Can Be Treated by Cutting It Off

This won’t work at all. A verruca is the result of a viral infection. Lopping it off does nothing to treat the underlying virus and makes infection a real possibility. For safe and effective treatment see a podiatrist instead.

Verrucae needling is a common approach. The verruca is punctured with an empty needle to bring the infected areas into contact with fatty tissue. This stimulates an immune response – the best way to eradicate a virus.

Sometimes Swift Technology is more appropriate. This applies a precise dose of microwave energy to the verruca and the resulting heat energy destroys the infected tissue most effectively and with no risk of infection.

Feet Don’t Need Sunscreen

Feet are just as susceptible to sunburn as any part of the body. The skin on the tops of your feet is thin, delicate and surrounded by shoes most of the time, so don’t ignore your feet when slapping on the sunscreen.

The majority of skin cancer cases are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet light (from sunlight) so you should always wear an appropriate sunscreen when you’re wearing sandals on sunny days.

Only Older People Have Foot Problems

Not so – no one is immune from foot issues. Activity levels, footwear, medical conditions, inherited problems and injuries can affect anyone at any age.

The solution is broadly the same for most people: maintain a healthy lifestyle, wear the right shoes, exercise regularly and don’t ignore problems.

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Don’t get taken in by armchair experts with these foot health myths. A podiatrist is your best source of trustworthy information and expert care.

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