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Advanced Podiatry Treatment

Podiatry is a modern, exciting, evolutive and in constant research to understand better how feet function. Feet By Pody is carefully researching the latest clinical updates and getting the most skilled practitioners to deliver the most up- to-date treatment using modern equipment for your need.

Injection Therapy

Steroid injections / PRP injection Platelet rich plasma


Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy or ESWT is a non-surgical and non- invasive treatment for musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries


Verrucae / Swift

 Microwave Therapy for Skin Lesions



“I know how difficult it can be to find a good podiatrist and I am really happy I found Nicolas ! It’s been almost one year that I am a regular patient at the London Wall Clinic and I would definitely recommend Nicolas services as he’s very professional and provides helpful and effective care. The Clinic is perfectly located, clean and modern.”

Geneviève Carle

“I have been seeing Nicholas for some time. Painful feet, ingrowing toe-nails, backache, sore knees – all things of the past as his regular attention has not only resolved problems but through the individually made orthotics, has improved posture. The clinic is modern, the staff friendly and the chat entertaining. I have recommended Nicholas to others and they have always been equally impressed and appreciative.”

Thomas Keighley