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Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation

FMT is a gentle hands on manipulation designed to improve your foot and ankle function addressing any stiff joints and altered mechanics.

What are Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation in Podiatry?

This therapy involves addressing every joint in the foot and ankle using your own body’s natural repair process to reduce pain, improve foot posture and restore mobility. Foot mobilisation technique is used in conjunction with stretching/strength/conditioning program and orthotics.

Generally foot mobilisation isn’t painful to your foot and ankle. Your clinician may also use tool assisted massage ( TAM ) and certain soft tissue techniques to improve dysfunctional muscles or tendons. FMT may increase discomfort for a few days after treatment.

It is indicated on :

  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Flat feet
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle sprains and instability
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cuboid syndrome
  • Improving orthotic prescription outcome

With a few exceptions, most people with joints issue would be able to have this treatment. We will carry out an assessment prior to treatment and be able to advise you on this. 

Foot Manipulation Mobilisation

Does It Hurt?

Generally foot mobilisation isn’t painful to your foot and ankle.

What should I bring at my Appointment?

Please attend your foot mobilisation appointment with loose clothing or shorts to allow your podiatrist easy access.

At the moment, at Feet By Pody Clinics, only our podiatrists Chris Barrett offering this special treatment in our Canary Wharf, London Bridge and Woolwich Clinic.

How many Treatments will I need?

FMT consultations are generally 1-2 week intervals for 2-4 sessions of intensive treatment with a view to extending appointments when symptoms reduce and joint flexibility is improved..

Why Choose Feet By Pody?

At Feet By Pody, our foot specialists have many years’ experience providing MSK treatment.

We operate from five modern, well-equipped clinics in London, where we use the latest protocols to give you the fastest recovery and the best possible foot care.

You can visit Feet By Pody at any of our clinics:

• Canary Wharf E14
• City EC2
• Woolwich Royal Arsenal SE18
• London Bridge SE1
South Kensington SW7

If you suffer from stiff joints  on/around your foot and ankle, book an appointment with Feet By Pody today. Book Online or call 020 7099 6657 to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

Foot Mobilisation Manipulation