Fees November 2016 (fees will increase on 1st April 2019)

General fees (E.g. Chiropody or general consultation)

• Initial Consultation £75.00
• Following session up to 30 minutes £50.00
• Cryotherapy Session £50.00
• Biopsy (to be added to consultation fees) £90.00


Nail surgery (Fees per nail)

• 1 surgery procedure (1nail) + 3 follow-ups ( 3X15 minutes) = £380.
• Further Follow-ups £50.00
• Required dressings (can be purchased from the clinic or your local chemist).

A 50% deposit is required at time of booking.


Verruca Needling

• 1 needling session + 2 follow-ups (2 x15 minutes) : £260.00
• Required dressings (can be purchased from clinic or your local chemist)



• Biomechanical assessment and computerised Gait Analysis £190.00
• 1st pair Orthotics £220.00
• Additional Orthotics (ordered within 6 months of the first pair, using the same foot cast) £180.00
• Follow-ups consultation £50.00
• Orthotics postage to patient in UK £10.00
• Orthotics adjustment/change top-cover/refurbishment ( fee to be added to consultation fees) £50.00

All our orthotics include a fitting consultation and 1 complimentary review 4 weeks after.

Call us now to book your session on 020 7099 6657 or book online.




I understand that If I cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, fail to keep or arrive too late to attend the appointment, I will pay the full fee due to Feet By Pody. The cancellation fee is £50.00 Usually you receive a text message or an email as a reminder however, it is a courtesy and should not be relied upon. Please ensure we have the correct number / email address on our records. Patients are responsible for keeping the appointment booked or changing with more than 24 hours notice.