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During this uncertain time, it’s particularly important to keep your feet in top condition. No one wants any additional health issues right now, so here are a few simple ways to keep your feet happy and healthy.

What to Wear?

It’s tempting to stay in slippers or your comfy old house shoes when you’re pottering around indoors all day. However, if you’re taking the opportunity to catch up on household chores it’s important to protect your feet. Remember, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else. Gardening, DIY and decluttering can all result in trips and falls, bruises and sprains. 

Your footwear must be sturdy and supportive. Lightweight trainers are good for most tasks although if you’re moving heavy objects your shoes should be strong enough to protect your feet if you drop something.

Don’t Sit for Too Long

Possibly you’re sitting in front of the computer all day. Wriggle your toes and flex your feet regularly, and walk about every now and then. A timer on your phone or laptop is an easy way to remind you to move at regular intervals. This keeps the circulation going and gives your muscles some exercise. It also gives your day a wee bit of structure. We could all use a little of that right now. 

Daily Exercise

Try to get out for a walk or run (depending on your level of fitness) every day if you possibly can. Any kind of movement is great for the tendons, muscles and ligaments of your feet, and this will improve your cardiovascular health as well. 

What’s more we all need vitamin D, so getting out in the daylight (hopefully the sun is shining!) is essential. And it’s vital for your mental wellbeing as well. 

Remember Daily Footcare

We’re all trying to adjust to a new routine and it’s easy to overlook things we previously did without thinking. A little time spent on some daily TLC for your feet will go a long way to preventing problems, and it doesn’t need to take long.  

Check your feet regularly to spot potential issues before they turn into problems. Ensure the skin looks healthy and supple. And for diabetes sufferers, a visual check is essential as nerve damage affects your sense of touch, so problems can go unnoticed until they become serious. 

Wash, Dry and Moisturise

Do this daily with warm soapy water. Dry your feet carefully but thoroughly, as fungal infections love damp feet. In addition, wear clean socks or hosiery daily to prevent germs from lurking. 

Always moisturise your feet; this keeps them soft and supple and prevents skin from becoming dry and cracked. This is painful and may lead to infection. Take care not to get any moisturiser between the toes though. This area can hold moisture, which encourages bacteria to grow.   

Trim Those Nails Carefully

Always cut your nails carefully and as soon as they need it. Ingrown toenails are really painful and often result from incorrect cutting (although injury and poorly fitting footwear can also be to blame). Cut your toenails straight across, but leave each corner sticking up slightly. Carefully file and round off the corner on each side. Don’t be tempted to cut the corners down too far. They can get stuck in the skin and hence become ingrown. 

Feet By Pody – Open as Usual 

Despite these difficult times, we’re open and here to help – whilst of course maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. Don’t worry if you’re self-isolating. You can have a live chat on WhatsApp. 

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